Tucana Ambassadors Assemble

3 min readJun 26, 2024


Tucana has launched its initial testnet demo for a couple of weeks. We feel so flattered that we have received so much support from users within the modular ecosystem.

Meanwhile, we know we will be carrying higher expectations from now on. Community support is an indispensable power for Tucana on its journey of climbing over higher mountains and reaching higher goals. Therefore, we are looking for like-minded community members who have specialties and are passionate about our project to join us as Tucana Ambassadors to contribute to the Tucana growth together.

Currently, there are two categories for Tucana Ambassadors, which namely are KOL Ambassadors and MOD Ambassadors.

KOL Ambassador

As a KOL Ambassador, your main responsibilities will include:

  • Sharing and spreading Tucana’s latest news, announcements, blog posts and other related content on your social media, with a focus on Twitter
  • Engaging with your followers and the broader crypto community to raise awareness about Tucana
  • Participating in community events and campaigns to contribute to the Tucana marketing
  • If possible, generating customized content to introduce and promote Tucana to your audience

You will be a perfect KOL Ambassador candidate if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a strong presence on mainstream social media platforms and a decent follow number (Twitter preferred).
  • Active and experienced in DeFi. Familiar with the modular ecosystem and what Tucana is building.
  • (bonus) Capable of content creating, such as writing Twitter threads, blog articles, producing informative videos, memes, and other content that is beneficial to the project promotion。

MOD Ambassador

As a MOD Ambassador, you will mainly serve as a community moderator that helps with Tucana’s community maintenance. Your main responsibilities include:

  • Monitor community Discord channels to ensure adherence to community guidelines and rules.
  • Answer users’ questions, provide support, and escalate issues to the appropriate team members when necessary.
  • Interact with community members to maintain community cohesion and activity.
  • Help spread Tucana news and content on your own social media channels to further enhance our community’s reach and contribute to the community growth together

You will be a perfect candidate for MOD Ambassador if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have prior experience of being a community moderator in other DeFi and blockchain projects
  • Active and experienced in DeFi. Familiar with the modular ecosystem and what Tucana is building.
  • Fluent in English. It will be a bonus if you are bilingual or multilingual.
  • Patient in communicating with community members who experienced issues and have communication skills in addressing their concerns.

What can you get?

By joining the vibrant community of Tucana and becoming an ambassador, you will grow with us at the forefront of the modular DeFi expansion. During this process, you will enjoy numerous privileges including:

  • Early access to the latest product features and updates
  • Priority and deeper involvement in Tucana’s token launch campaigns
  • Long-term benefits brought by Tucana and its partners, such as whitelist access, giveaways, and exclusive merchandise, etc.
  • Monthly wages for 6 months
  • After 6 months, candidates with great performance during this period will have the opportunity to be hired as long-term ambassadors to build the Tucana community with us together.

How to Apply:

Fill out this form to apply:


Submissions end by July 20, 2024. There will be up to 15 slots available for this season.

If you are interested and are confident to be qualified for the roles, don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Tucana’s exciting journey! Join us as an ambassador and let’s build a thriving community and ecosystem together.




Tucana is a high-performance modular network dedicated to becoming the liquidity and trading host of the entire modular ecosystem.